Rimfire Tool-less LOP


SKU: TLP-1022

*Not intended to be used with centerfire rifles.

General Information

If you're tired of dealing with spacers when adjusting your length of pull (LOP), then the Rimfire Tool-Less LOP plate is for you. As the name implies it allows for tool-less adjustment of your LOP and can be configured for a higher or lower buttpad position depending on your style of shooting.

Length of Pull range is approximately 12” to 13.5” when installed on the 10/22 Bravo. If extra length is required, LOP Spacers and our Logo Buttpad can be added to the back to reach your desired length.

Fits: KRG 10/22 Bravo Chassis, Bravo Chassis for Tikka T1x and CZ-457 rimfire only

Restrictions: Not for use with centerfire rifles.Does not come with new buttpad, use your existing buttpad. Not compatible with the Tool-less Buttpad Height Mechanism

Weight: 4.2oz

Material: Reinforced Polymer

Made by KRG

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