Our precision rifle chassis, accessories and platforms
enable shooters to achieve long range goals
You want hits on target, but…
the stock on your rifle doesn’t fit you right and you can’t see through the scope properly. You’ve invested a lot of time and money in training, ammo, and equipment. But the bean counters chose a flimsy, practically useless stock for your fine rifle. They’re making your task difficult and all of your investment is at risk. We’ve been dealing with these problems for years, it’s why we founded the company. We can help, just scroll down.
1 Choose your new KRG chassis
I want the best competition chassis
with exclusive features
Get a C-4 Chassis
I want the nicest chassis available
with all the features
Get a WHISKEY-3 Chassis
I want an ideal balance of lower cost
and higher end features
Get a X-RAY Chassis
I want to save money for ammo
and I like a traditional look and feel
Get a BRAVO Chassis
2 Remove your barreled action from that factory stock
and with two screws, install it in a KRG chassis
3 Adjust it to fit you,
go shooting, get hits