QD Sling Cup


General Information

External QD Sling Cup can be mounted in various positions on KRG Chassis to provide QD cup position. Comes with metric hardware specific to our chassis.

***W-3 chassis (Gen 5 and later, with poly forend) comes with 3x QD mount points included, 1x cup can be ordered for front right side of forend, or at midpoints on forend.

***Bravo (10/22 Bravo excluded) and X-Ray chassis comes with 1x QD cup for rear included. No other instances of this cup are used. For ambi rear QD setup, add Magpul Type 2 threaded QD cup to one side and included KRG cup to other side (NOTE: the included M5 screws are not compatible with the MagPul Type 2 QD cup). For ambi front QD setup, use KRG "Ambi Sling Mount" in front of chassis or get 2x Mlok QD mounts to fit the front sides of forend.

***180-Alpha chassis now comes with 2x QD cups at the rear. For front QD sling mount, use our "QD Sling Plate," or "Sling Loop/QD Mount," not this cup.

Restrictions: Not compatible with Spigot Mount, Bravo/X-Ray or gen 1-4 Whiskey-3 forends

Material: Nitrided steel

Made by Grovtec / KRG

This item is restricted for export outside the US under ITAR regulations