Overmolded Cheekpiece


General Information

Overmolded Cheekpiece Kit (Whiskey-3 Chassis, X-ray, and 180-Alpha only): This is our own overmolded cheekpiece. It is grippy and has a little give for long days behind the rifle. It retains the comfortable shape of the enhanced cheekpiece (which replaced the older narrow cheekpieces on the gen 4 Whiskey-3 starting in Feb 2014 and comes on all X-ray chassis). It has a right hand shooter bias but is usable for off-side shooting, or it can be flipped around to give left hand shooter bias.

Fits: Whiskey-3, X-Ray, & 180 series chassis

Restrictions: Actions with very long bolt throws may require some extra clearance in some positions

Installation Notes: Installs with hex wrench

Material: Reinforced Polymer with overmold

Made by KRG

This item is restricted for export outside the US under ITAR regulations

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