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*We do not guarantee proper feeding with the KRG/Tikka T3/6.5PRC combo.

*Receive $10 off each KRG Logo AICS magazine (up to 5) with any chassis order (at the time of purchase only). Discount taken automatically at checkout (let us know if not). Offer not applicable to dealers.

*Howa 1500 requires the shortening of the bolt stop to work with .223 AICS pattern mags.

*.223 mags are not compatible with Savage actions.

*.308 mags are compatible with 6.5CM, 6CM, .243Win, .260 Rem.

*For 300PRC and 7PRC we recommend using the 300RUM Magazine.

KRG Logo AICS Magazine Info

KRG Logo Mag: AICS pattern magazine with the KRG logo embossed on the floor plate for a nice aesthetic touch. We now offer long and short action options for the AICS mags. Please be sure your cartridge is compatible when ordering.

The short action .308 version is available with or without the restrictor plate - Remington SA, Howa 1500, and Savage require a plate. Tikka T3 and 3rd party 700 clones with a notched feed ramp should work with the non-restrictor plate version.

The.308 AICS magazine is available in 5 or 10 round capacity. The .223 is 10 rounds. .300WM and .338LM options are 5 rounds.

.308 w/ plate = 2.875" COAL. Mag length 3.055"

.308 w/o plate = 2.950" COAL. Mag length 3.055"

.223 = 2.325" COAL. Mag length 3.055"

.300 = 3.750" COAL. Mag length 3.850"

.338 = 3.750" COAL. Mag length 3.850"

Weight: 7oz for SA 10rd version

Material: N/A

Made by Accurate Mag for KRG

This item is restricted for export outside the US under ITAR regulations

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