TRG / SOTIC Barrel Nut


General Information

With the proper tools and this barrel nut, you can install pre-chambered barrels from KRG or your gunsmith onto your Sako TRG or KRG SOTIC rifle.

Basically this nut coverts your Sako TRG into a Savage style barrel nut system, where a knowledgeable, qualified person can use headspace gauges and action and barrel nut wrenches to change the barrel without sending the rifle out for a lengthy barrel fitting process.

Order barrels in your preferred caliber from KRG or email us about having the tenon thread spec and contour spec sent to your favorite gunsmith for them to cut you a barrel which then you can install if you are qualified.

Always use headspace gauges to set the proper headspace, and recheck the headspace after you fully torque the barrel

Use grease on the action threads, barrel threads, and on the action face and torque to 100 ft-lbs

Use the KRG barrel nut wrench to install/remove barrels without having to remove action from stock, or use a Savage barrel nut wrench if you don't mind removing action from stock

KRG makes the action wrench to hold the action

Fits: KRG SOTIC rifle, Sako TRG

Restrictions: Only to be used by qualified persons

Weight: 1.6oz

Material: Nitrided Stainless Steel

Made by KRG

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