Arca Spacer XL Heavy



*Not intended for use with standard chassis forend

*Usage with long action chassis will require removal of approximately 1/4" of material off the backend of the rail.

General Information

Arca Spacer XL Heavy: Designed to fit between your ARCA Rail XL and forend to increase the weight of your rifle in order to mitigate recoil and allow easier impact spotting and a quicker followup shot.

Fits: **KRG ENCLOSED FOREND ONLY** not for use with standard chassis forends!

Restrictions: Use as many fasteners as possible to mount the rail to maintain rigidity. Using the ARCA Spacer XL Heavy alone on the forend is not recommended and will require shorter fasteners.

Weight: 1lb 4oz

Length: 13.7"

Material: Steel with nitride finish

Made by KRG

This item is restricted for export outside the US under ITAR regulations

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